With household appliances one way or another encounters almost everyone in our daily lives. These are refrigerators, stoves, fireplaces, kettles, irons and much more. Such a technique doesn’t always have a simple and archaic design, so it can periodically fail. In this situation, you should not panic and think about the expensive replacement of a product, because our company will help in its repair at an objective cost. Regardless of the complexity of the repair, you can still be sure that the working capacity will be fully restored in a short time.


At the moment, we are engaged in repairing the technology of many famous brands, including:Viking, Sub-Zero, Monogram and many others.


About appliances Viking

Household appliances Viking is currently positioned as professional equipment for home use, which is chosen by sophisticated users. Until the time when the thematic products went on sale, culinary lovers didn’t have much choice in the long run. Now the situation is different and you can buy not only modern, but extremely reliable stoves, refrigerators and cookers with ovens. This is not a complete product range of this manufacturer, so that everyone can choose what he really needs. As a rule, true gourmets give preference to this technique, as it is extremely distinctive and at the same time convenient for use. In many countries, this brand is positioned as close to perfection.

The founder of the company — Fred Karl was a hereditary builder, but at the stage of erecting his own house he faced the fact that he could not find a suitable plate for himself, because it simply did not exist. His wife liked a plate from a little-known producer, who at that time had already stopped producing such products. After that, there was the idea of ​​installing a full-fledged restaurant plate inside the house. In fact, it was large enough and minimally safe, so eventually I had to create a drawing of a hybrid of this technique. As a result, it was possible to develop a unique concept of the kitchen stove, which the author intended to bring to the market.

Companies engaged in the production of kitchen appliances, then did not respond very well to the proposal for the production of such plates, because they simply could not understand who would buy such products at all. As a result, Fred had to buy out a small company and independently launch the production of an innovative plate. In 1986, it was possible to produce such a first plate, after which it was certified and found suitable for batch production. In the future interest in his invention began to grow rapidly, contrary to the previous reaction of competitive producers.

After that, production was set up in Mississippi and Fred understands that the scope for activities is simply unlimited. He burned with the desire to do not just high-quality, but professional kitchen equipment for home use. The company continued to develop actively and soon began to produce a full range of kitchen appliances, which at that time enjoyed special demand. Today, many compare these products with a standard of reliability and professionalism. Buyers who prefer Viking products clearly understand what they will get in the end. Already in 2006, this brand became the second on the territory of America.

All this happened not only because of the high productivity and quality of the company’s products, but also because of its comprehensive development. For example, a school of cooks and specialized publications was introduced. As a result, sales volumes were growing rapidly. Initially, Fred was inspired by his idea and was not understood by the companies that they produce such a technique, but later he clearly demonstrated that we should not be afraid and sometimes we need to experiment boldly. If you possess this technique and for some reason it has broken down, our employees will promptly restore its efficiency at the lowest price.

Technology from the company Sub-Zero

In practice, it is difficult to create such household appliances that could become one of the interior elements, because the emphasis should first of all be on functionality and ease of use. The company Sub-Zero was the first of those who tried to translate this into reality, and today we can safely say that to achieve this turned out to the full. They managed to develop refrigeration equipment, which not only has excellent technical parameters, but also a beautiful exterior that can complement any interior.

The products of this company are unique in their own way, as they have numerous patents. Each manufactured technique is very different from competitive analogues. There is no problem with reliability and quality, if the use of equipment will be carried out according to all the rules. The design is quite complicated; therefore from time to time the technique can fail. If you have refrigeration equipment from Sub-Zero and for some reason it ceased to function properly, you can always contact us and order a repair in a short time at a reasonable cost.

The main distinguishing feature of these refrigerators is the availability of a system of two compressors, which allows them to work as efficiently as possible. There are two separate zones — a refrigerator and a freezer. This made it possible to achieve considerable advantages, for example, there will be no mixing of air from two different chambers, and the quality of maintaining the established temperature regime becomes an order of magnitude higher. It is this circumstance that makes it possible to store products within the refrigeration equipment long enough. As a result, operating costs are significantly reduced.

All models of refrigeration equipment from the company Sub-Zero are equipped with a separate ice maker. There are also systems for cleaning air inside the equipment, so the products stored in the chamber will invariably retain their original taste and smell. Moreover, it will be possible to use the simplest water from the water pipe to make ice. Thanks to the system of additional air purification it turns out to resist viruses and all kinds of bacteria and this is one of the most expressive distinctive features of this manufacturer’s products.

As for reliability indicators of refrigerators from the company Sub-Zero, they are at a high level. All components are selected as carefully as possible along with other materials used at the stage of production of particular equipment. There is a detailed quality control on the production line, that is, any specimen can be taken at any time at each stage of the assembly and tested for several hours. About fifteen percent of the products are checked in advanced mode. Moreover, three percent of all manufactured equipment undergoes independent testing in third-party laboratories.

Technique of Monogram

This manufacturer is also famous for the production of high-quality refrigeration equipment. The appearance of this technique is striking, however, as well as functional qualities. Here you can find all the latest technologies that have proven themselves well. This is exactly the technique that people acquire, paying attention primarily to performance and durability. Technically, the products of the company Monogram is quite complicated, therefore it can periodically fail.

If you run into such a nuisance, it’s enough to contact our company in order to fix the problem in a short time. We employ qualified employees with long experience of work, who have considerable experience in this field of activity. We can make repairs of any complexity in a short time. All necessary spare parts are available, so you do not have to wait long until the home appliances are adjusted. We also repair similar products from other manufacturers, providing a full range of thematic services. Do not miss the opportunity to quickly and profitably return to serviceable even the most advanced and technically sophisticated equipment, because now with this there is no problem.